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Music Medals for
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Student Success

March 2017

Thomas P - Grade 4 Pass
Elisha - Grade 3 Pass
Doroteja - Grade 2 Pass
Bethan P - Grade 1 Pass
Libby E - Grade 2 Pass
Laurie - Grade 4 Merit
Anshul - Grade 4 Pass
Catrin - Grade 5 Pass

December 2016


Abigail - Grade 4 Pass
Katie - Grade 4 Pass
George Grade 1 Pass
Ewan - Grade 2 Pass
Libby - Grade 2 Pass
Olivia J - Grade 5 - Merit
Chloe C - Grade 2 Distinction


Esther Grade 4 Pass
Emily B - Grade 4 Pass
Samuel - Grade 4 Pass
Dalis - Grade 2 Merit
Jasmine - Grade 4 Merit

July 2016


Doroeteja - Grade 1 Pass
Freya - Grade 1 Jazz Pass
Catrin - Grade 2 Distinction
Ben - Grade 3 Pass
Ffion - Grade 4 Pass
Olivia - Grade 5 Merit
Megan - Grade 3 Distinction
Chloe - Grade 1 Distinction
Euan - Grade 3 Merit
William - Grade 1 Merit

Weronika - Grade 1 Pass
Solomon - Grade 2 Merit
Emily - Grade 4 Pass
Chloe - Grade 5 Merit
Music Theory

Mina - Grade 5 Pass

March 2016

Matthew - Grade 1 Merit
Hana - Grade 2 Pass
Yena - Grade 3 Merit

December 2015

Cerys - Grade 1 Jazz - Pass
Georgina & Catrin - Grade 1 Distinctions
James - Grade 3 Pass
Charlie - Grade 1 Pass
William - Grade 1 Merit

Sami - Grade 3 Pass

July 2015
Hana - Grade 1 Distinction
Yena & Thomas - Grade 2 Merit
Katie - Grade 3 Pass
Kerry - Grade 4 Merit 
Laurie - Grade 2 Pass

Solomon & Iestyn - Grade 1 Merit
Leah & Emily B - Grade 2 Pass
Emily D & Jasmine - Grade 2 Merit
Nadine - Grade 3 Merit
Catrin - Grade 4 Pass
Music Theory

Emily C & Gopikaa - Grade 5 Pass

March 2015
Olivia: Grade 4 Pass
Lauren: Grade 3 Pass
Mina: Grade 5 Merit
Jessica: Grade 1 Pass
Rebecca: Grade 1 Pass
Anshul: Grade 1 Pass
Katy: Grade 5 Pass
Music Theory
Mia: Grade 5 Pass
Chelsie: Grade 5 Distinction
Congratulations to you all from Maestro Music Tutoring Services!
 December 2014
Results are in! Congratulations go to the following:
- Emily & Katie: Grade 1 Pass
Samuel: Grade 1 Merit
Owen: Grade 2 Pass
Catrin: Grade 2 Merit
Maya: Grade 4 Pass
Charlotte: Grade 5 Pass
Laurie: Grade 1 Pass
Owen: Grade 1 Pass
Yena: Grade 1 Merit
Lydia: Grade 3 Pass
Ffion: Grade 3 Pass
Owen: Grade 5 Pass
 June 2014
Well done to Kerry for passing her Grade 3 Piano with a Merit - Congratulations!
Also a big well done to Katie for following up her Grade 1 Merit in December with another Merit in her Grade 2 Piano just 6 months later. Well done!
We have been pleased to have helped Rhys achieve a Merit in his Grade 5 theory in a record 16 weeks of study! Rhys is now studying Music at Guildford School of Music. Congratulations!

March 2014
Congratulations to the following Piano students for passing their exams:
Euan - Grade 1 with Distinction.
Bethan - Grade 1 with Merit
Olivia - Grade 3 with Merit
Mina - Grade 3 with a Merit
Martyn - Grade 2 with a Pass
Ben - Grade 2 with a Pass
James - Grade 2 with a Pass
Our final result of this exam period sees Thomas pass his Grade 5 Theory with Merit. 
Well done everyone!
December 2013

Last exam results of 2013 and a big congratulations go to:

Katie - Grade 1 Merit
Megan who is only 5 years old for passing her Grade 1
Mia for passing Grade 2 with a Merit
Kerry for passing her Grade 2

Owen - Grade 1 Violin
Nadene Grade 2 Distinction
Music Theory
Elizabeth for passing her Grade 5 Theory

August 2013
Huge congratulations go to our youngest ever GCSE student,
7 year old Xiaoli, who has passed her music exam with an A grade! Xiaoli will be continuing her academic studies with us by starting her A Level Music in September.  
July 2013
Exam results are in! Congratulations must go to all our pupils who have helped to keep our 100% pass rate going. Well done to the following:
Piano: Grade 1 - Joseph, Jessica & Olivia J who all gained Merits.
Grade 2 - Olivia S & Lydia both achieving a Merit.
Grade 4 - Nia who achieved a Pass.
Violin: Grade 3 Pass - Aimee. Grade 4 Pass - Gopikaa
Grade 1 - Nadene gained a Distinction with 141 marks!
Music Theory: Well done to Zac for passing his Grade 5 theory exam.
May 2013
Music Medals: Well done to Megan, Emily & Rhys for achieving their Copper Music Medal & Naomi for passing her Bronze Music Medal with Excellence
April 2013
Lots of congratulations go out to the following people for their hard work and success at their recent exams:
Piano Success: Mia, Grade 1 Distinction, Owain, Grade 4 Distinction & Aaron, Grade 3 Merit.
Violin Success: Abigail, Grade 8 Merit, Sean Grade 3 Distinction, Dafydd, Grade 2 Merit, Megan, Grade 1 Pass &
Francesca, Grade 4 Pass.
December 2012
Congratulations go to the following for their exam success:
Piano Success:  Olivia - Grade 1 with Merit &  Katy for passing  her Grade 4 Piano with Merit!
Violin Success: Katy - Grade 3 Violin with Distinction, Sean - Grade 1 Distinction, Gopikaa - Grade 3 Merit & finally Charlotte for passing her Grade 3 Violin.
November 2012
Music Medal Success!
Congratulations must go to Dafydd & Aimee for achieving an 'Excellent' grading in their Bronze Music Medal.
August 2012
Violin Success: Congratulations to Michiko for passing her Grade 4 Violin with Distinction, Dafydd for his Merit in Grade 1, Mia for passing her Grade 4, Francesca for passing her Grade 3 and Aimee for her Grade 2 success
Piano success: Well done to Owain for his Merit in Grade 3 Piano, Lydia for her excellent Merit in Grade 1, Nia for her Merit in Grade 3 and Martin for his Grade 7 success.
Music Medals: Further congratulations go to Aimee and Naomi for achieving their Copper Music Medal and Chloe for gaining her Bronze Medal with Excellence.
April 2012
Well done to Chloe, Naomi & Charlotte for passing their Violin exams recently. Also, a well deserved Merit has been achieved by Gopikaa. Keep making progress all of you.
Also congratulations must also go to Callum for passing his Piano exam.
December 2011
More results in......Congratulations to Michiko and Ellie who both received a Distinction in their Grade 2 Violin and Piano Exam.
Also Congratulations go to Nia who has passed her Grade 2 Piano with Merit and to Abigail for passing her Grade 5 Piano Exam with a Merit. 
And excellent results from Mia, Emily and Isabel who all passed their
Grade 3 Violin  
Well done everyone! Keep up the good work!!
November 2011
Congratulations to Martin for passing his Grade 5 Theory with Merit.
July 2011
Congratulations to Niah for passing her grade 2 Piano, Bethan for passing her Grade 1 with Merit and Charlotte for passing with a Distinction!
Also congratulations to Chloe for passing her Grade 1 Violin with Merit and well done to Aimee for passing her Grade 5 Theory.
 April 2011
Congratulations to Martin for passing his Grade 5 Piano with Merit! A well deserved result.
Well done!

March 2011
Congratulations to Jo for passing her Grade One exam in Violin and Ellie for achieving a Merit in her Grade One Piano. Well done both, all the hard work has been worth it!
November 2010
Congratulations to Abigail for passing her Music Theory exam with Merit. 
July 2010
Congratulations go to Jade for passing her Grade Two with Merit and Martin for passing his Grade 3 with Distinction! Well done to you both!
December 2009
Well done to Emily, Isabel & Cerys for passing their Grade One Violin exams & Megan for passing her Grade 2 Violin.
March 2009
Good news for Carys who passed her Grade One Viola with a Merit. Well Done!








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